Studio Quality Photos, but DIY Cheap!


It’s about time I start sharing my secrets around my product photography. I thought up this post over a week ago but never found the time to write it down.

Before I started selling, I researched the Etsy market and I noticed most of the top sellers had very simple white backgrounds to their photos and stunning lighting to best show their product in. Being true to my style, I will always keep some aspect of nature and seaside in my photos but I find that people are most likely to click through when they know exactly what they are looking at. So, simple white background works best for cover photos.

Most people will think that studio quality photos are a reach away, but this couldn’t be more wrong. I achieved professional results with a low-budget camera and a few tricks and tips!

A DIY studio quality product photo all comes down to 3 things:

  1. Camera
  2. Lighting
  3. Editing


You don’t need an expensive camera to get studio quality photos. The camera I use at the moment is a Sony DSC H300. It was literally £79, so very cheap for a good quality camera. It is super easy to use and I have had it a very long time too. A lot of very good cameras can be £££. To get started with product photography, you really don’t need to put in the big bucks.

It is worth noting that a tripod is absolutely necessary for taking high-quality shots. It eliminates any blur from shaky hands and frees them up for arranging the shot perfectly. A tripod can massively improve your photo quality.


I always use natural lighting for my product photos. Customers buying online need to know what their purchase will look like when they receive and unbox it. Often natural light will look best and show the product most accurately.

To reflect the light on my product I always place it on a sheet of white card. This gives a calm feel to the image and eliminates clutter. It makes it obvious that my product is the star of the show.

Dos and don’ts:

  • Do use natural lighting
  • Don’t take photos indoors under fluorescent lighting
  • Do use a background of white card (also cheap!)


Perhaps by biggest secret reveal, is how I edit my photos. It really can all come down to the editing. I will write another blog post later detailing exactly how I do this.

I use an editor called Snapseed. It is only available on you phone, via the Google Play Store. This does occasionally get tedious as I have to transfer all my photos from my camera onto my phone but I believe the result is well worth it!

From here I can increase the brightness of the image, crop and even ‘heal’ parts that don’t look so great. A few examples of my results are below:


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